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Jose de Goeij

Hello! My name is Jose de Goeij and this is my shop.

Some years ago, I moved to Thailand with my husband for his work. And  during this time, we have travelled all over South East Asia.

Having always been busy with interior design, I have looked for special gift products not normally found in Europe.

One of the first collections  I am offering here on my webshop is a collection of recycled products  that have been created by underprivileged women from recycled sacks. The colourful sacks have been used to  contain rice, cement or fish food. 

Through microfinancing, many of these underprivileged women get an opportunity to buy a sewing machine with which they make the products you see here on  my shop. This has given them the opportunity to support themselves and their families. 

We are constantly adding to our  products and have recently added a line of  Burmese shoppers which  are hand woven from  packing tape by  local farmers in Burma (Myanmar). These incredibly sturdy bags are usually only made in in the rainy season when the farmers cannot work in the fields and are an alternative means of income,

 I have now returned to the Netherlands permanently but  still travel at least once a year back to South East Asia to ensure the quality of our products from our suppliers.

Hope you like our product collections. Be sure to let me know if you are searching for something special. We now have a network of contacts  in Asia who continue to search out new items for us.



Jose de Goeij
Owner Soi Si Design




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